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You can access your account by clicking here

To register as a wholesaler just click here and fill out the form below. Once we have validated your account, you will be able to enter Oh! Naif to make your purchases as a wholesaler.

Remember, until we identify you in the system as a wholesaler, the prices you will see are the usual end customer prices. This is a manual process that requires our intervention and we ask for your patience :-) We will verify your account as soon as possible! We will also explain you how Oh! Naif works in this section.

Wholesale prices are net prices, not including taxes (neither VAT nor equivalence surcharge if any). Shipping costs will be calculated according to the destination and weight of the shipment. The approximate shipping time for the Peninsula will be 48 hours after payment of the proforma invoice.

In order to become Wholesaler, you need to sign up in the following page and fill out the form below. Once we verify you as a Wholesaler, you'll be able to login and you'll be able to process your orders as a Wholesaler. You can log in now by clicking here. Remember: we need to tag you as a Wholesaler in our system, so until that happens, you'll see retail prices even if you're logged in. This is a manual process which requires our surveillance, so we ask you to be a bit patient :-) We normally verify Wholesaler accounts in less than 24 hours!

Whosale prices don't include taxes.