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2" Garland Punch

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It is used to die-cut cardboard in the shape of a garland.

Approx. dimensions of the die-cut piece 3,7 x 2,6 cm., being the LENGTH the biggest dimension of the die-cut and the WIDTH the smallest.

All the measures of our die cutters refer to the diameter of the die of the die, so they are classified according to the size of the die.
Then, depending on the shape that is obtained, this measure will be more or less close to the size of the die, being the most similar to the circle and as the edges are more irregular as in the form of cookie, stamp, elliptical or butterfly the size will decrease, because all the shapes would have to enter in that circular die of that particular size, so the longest axis of the shape is what determines its size. Also take into account the cutting light which is where the blade that cuts the cardboard passes, and that is always inside the die-cutting die, which also subtracts a couple of millimetres from the die circle.

The measurements are those specified by the manufacturer. It is not a precision tool so it is advisable to make a measurement test before carrying out the work.