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Día de la Madre: ¡¡en busca del regalo perfecto!! 2

Mother's Day: looking for the perfect gift!! 2

For "Mom I celebrate everything" who has a great time preparing, making special and, above all, decorating parties and events.

1. Pack of fans of different sizes, 2.- Golden garland , 3.- Letterboard and accessories, 4. Golden number with a stick and 5. Decorated paper cups and cardboard to hold them.

This is our party section where you will find many more things!

And finally, the "Creative Mommy" where we include many ideas!!! ... for lovers of creative cooking, those who transform what they touch, those who are crazy about DIY and handmade, etc...

1. Metal box for recipes, 2. Cookie cutter molds , 3. Set of cookie cutters and jar, 4. Toothpick for decorating cookies, 5. Individual cookie box, 6. Cookie box for 4 units.

This is our creative confectionery section!

1. Magnetic cutting mat, 2. Adhesive roll applicator, 3. Double-sided tape , 4. Gold metallic ruler , 5. Gold scissors , 6. Gold precision cutter and 7. Assorted small scrapbooking papers .
These are our die cutters and tools and papers sections!
1. Craft cardboard letter , 2.- Articulated ruler and accessories, 3. Chalky paint , 4. Crayons and 5. Multi -surface markers.
This is our painting section !
We hope you liked our ideas and among them is the perfect gift!

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